Hancho Training

  • Date: 28 April 2019 8h-12h
  • Place: Hotel Syphax – Sfax, Tunisia

Dr Nadhmi Zouagui will present the HANCHO concept with its potential application to industrial performance improvement.

HANCHO – The New Lean Concept in TOYOTA

While the majority of senior managers do not have more than 10 direct employees, team leaders usually manage up to 40 people without the benefit of management training!

The HANCHO program is a training cycle that facilitates the task of the team leader by providing him with simple but highly effective tools that help him to play his role as Proximity Managers.

The objective is to provide Proximity Managers with tools and techniques to act, in real time, and with maximum efficiency, on the factors that most influence the cost-quality-deadlines trio.

This training includes most of the Lean-HANCHO tools, through which the Proximity Manager can establish and maintain a real dynamic of continuous improvement at the base.

The modular HANCHO training (12 modules with 2 weeks interval between each module) allows the team leader to use in practice the fundamental tools of the Toyota Production System.

The « Hanchos » will be trained according to Toyota’s 4-phase training model:
1. Preparation: six theoretical modules illustrated with practical examples used to introduce the basic concepts of TPS.
2. Application: With the help of the coach and between sessions, the participants apply in their own context the knowledge acquired and integrate the TPS tools in the field.
3. Presentation: In conclusion of the application in its own context, the participant presents and discusses his experience with the group, and develops other improvement measures.
4. Test: Participants must pass an aptitude test and role play to demonstrate that they are capable of carrying out the role of HANCHO.
As with all KARRAY Group formations, the theoretical contents are learned using practical examples of « the place of reality » (Gemba). This allows participants to involve and lead their team members as part of their daily work.

Hancho Dräxlmaier

Very pleased and honored to have the confidence of DRÄXLMAIER and  SATS Silana Management team for the realization of the Training and Coaching of the 1st HANCHO team in Tunisia.

20 First Line Managers, 2 Production Line Managers & 2 Section Heads had been graduated

Coach & Trainers: Dr Nadhmi ZOUAGHI (PhD JAPAN), Moufid KARRAY (MBA Canada), Nefaa ABID (Industrial Engineer), Mohamed BENLAZREG (M.Sc. Tunisia), Maroua KARRAY (Executive Assistant, ICC Canada).

Certified Training delivered by Moufid Karray Consulting in Partnership with International Consulting Canada.