TQM Piloting

To help managers drive performance, TQM-Pilotage provides the modules:

TQM-MANAGEMENT REVIEW – with its status generator, TQM facilitates the configuration of different management review reports. The user only has to define the input elements of each meeting to generate the report.

TQM-DASHBOARD facilitates decision-making through Balanced Scorecards that integrate with systems (ERP, CRM, BI, …), Excel files and DBs (Access, Oracle, SQL …) for track performance from data collected at source and processed in real time.

TQM-PROJETS makes it possible to manage any category of projects through the recording of the interventions and the follow-up of the budget and the TIMESHEETS.

TQM-MEETINGS guarantees the control of the organization of the meetings from the planning until the diffusion of the meeting resume. It also makes it possible to record in a synthetic way the progress through a tree « item-findings-decision » and a rigorous and immediate follow-up of the action plans.

TQM-ACTIONS thanks to the integrated WORKFLOW, this module facilitates the rigorous follow-up of the action plans resulting from the dashboards (following objectives not achieved), the meetings and the piloting of the projects.


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