TQM Talent


The Talent module of TQM Performance is an essential element to achieve excellence.

It allows you to strategically evaluate the talents you have – and the talents you need to meet and exceed your business goals.

TQM-Talent provides the following modules:

TQM-TRAINING which facilitates the management of the training through a

WORKFLOW which starts with the training requests until the hot and cold evaluation of the training sessions carried out

TQM-REFERENTIAL which makes it possible to standardize the evaluation of the acquired knowledge and the requirements through reference of competences with standard competences and predefined levels of competence …

TQM-EVALUATION which allows you to program and perform skill level assessments

TQM-CARRIER which makes it possible to define career development terms with the employee and to manage it automatically through the data collected from the dashboards, actions, training …

TQM-FUNCTION which allows you to manage all the function sheets with the responsibility levels …

TQM-CVTHEQUE which allows you to record all the employee’s training and career history as well as automatically generate the current CV.

Download « Tatent » module technical sheet (in French) 

Télécharger la Fiche Technique du Module « Tatent »